Useful tools developed for HighFidelity


I want to share some tools developed for HighFidelity.
You can use this tools inside HighFidelity by simply put the web address on a Web Entity.

Videoconference tool


  • Multiple conference rooms (you can choose any room name
    by passing a variable after the link).
  • Web camera and microphone selection
  • Youtube video share
  • Screen sharing
  • Text Chat
  • Moderator features

Webinar Console

Web application for webinars inside HighFidelity.

The application have two panels: Presenter panel and Viewer panel.

Presenter panel address:
Viewer panel address:

*you can use any alpha numeric combinations for yourname variable 
to not interfere with other users panels


  • You can upload multiple image slides
  • You can stream live your camera or the OBS virtual camera
  • You can configure and display polls
  • You can share Youtube and Vimeo videos
  • You can switch between multiple sources (camera, slides, video, polls)
  • Integrated Text Chat


Useful app for presenters.


  • Keyboard shortcuts:
Up: Increase Font Size
Down: Decrease Font Size
Left: Slows Down Teleprompter
Right: Speeds Up Teleprompter
Space: Starts/Stops Teleprompter
Escape: Resets Everything
  • You can paste and edit text right on the page
  • Time counter
  • Flip and Mirror Text