User List (i.e. friend list)


I could only get 2 query types to return user lists. One is online users and the second is an added “Friend” filter.

This query returns locations of avatars. I doubt most users will appreciate their location being available to the public.

Also, we should be able to query offline users.

This might be a good place to put public profile info.

Anyway I posted a worklist entry here.


I noticed that when @ctrlaltdavid wrote the friends list originally. I was the one who did a mod where there was “@ place” after their name and everyone liked it so much it got added into the one we all use today.

The info is there to access via api to anyone that looked at the script so I have never seen it as a secret.

Now you can hide yourself from that list by changing your setting from visible to everyone to visible to no one or friends. Both make you not show up on the list any more.


Nice, what are the script commands to do that?


@Cracker_Hax Have a look at the GlobalServices methods and properties in users.js.

Note: GlobalServices doesn’t necessarily report all users visible online - if there are lots of people online it only returns N of them. I can’t recall how the N is calculated but it has something to do with most recently active, though this may have changed.