User SandBox for HiFidelity


It be nice to have a public sandbox that is not part of welcome and to let users that have problem with using private standalone sandbox.
So more then one person can work with each other to learn.
thank you.
But please lets not call the place olive sandbox. old joke
But I do wish to hear what others think about this.


I’m curious why it has to be some other domain. Domains in HF are huge 32x32x32km. If the issue is hearing other people, etc, just move far away.


There is a domain called sandbox which is exactly this


Yes, and Playa too. There are several public places including Welcome.


Not to mention Earth, its kinda like a big sandbox with a theme.
People without their own domains are welcome to claim a residential block on earth and also take advantage of the many public sandboxes around the town center of earth.

New plots of land can be found at hifi://earth/stage2
Come and claim your free spot.


button is another one too when its back up. Feel free to screw around there!


Chiming in … our new initiative for a builders group (theFactory) will soon be opening up for collaborative building. Domain will be curated, with resources available for training on 3d modelling, scripting , general support. The goal is to provide a friendly and supportive environment where the group agrees on creative direction and project themes. Stay tuned on the forums for more info and I will talk about our plans more in the friday meeting this week.



I do so wish I had internet to join y’all in a sandbox to chat with every one again for I do miss the VR wold and the home and build place I had.
Do miss you all.
Hugs to you all.
Is it still like it was in beta?
Please post YouTube videos thanks.


@Bill_Windwalker Hi Stranger. Good to see you here :smiley:


Thank I left second life when HIFI was in alpha in the start but it was hard to do the builds when my server and pc was close to dead.
And I did love helping people and messing with the model import system.
I hope you love HIFI like I do even if I can no longer be online.
The people in HIFI are sweet happy people they will help every one.