UserData and grabbable


I am seeing that to set something NOT grabbable, then it overrides everything previously in the userData field? If this is the case then it means anything set to be not grabbable no longer has the possibility of using its userData field. I find that a little strange.

Grabbable has a toggle radio button, why must it also dominate the userData field?

How can I set userData on an object that I want non grabbable?

edit: (This is on objects which were created before the introduction of grabable, could this be an issue?)


And why is there not a working persistent check box that sets created stuff to non-grabbable?


I am bringing this post up again because I’m not sure if it gained any attention.

I have discovered that the user data can carry multiple items of data.
It can be non grabbable as well as have audio settings and other data so this is ok, but the issue is…
If an object was set to be an audio emitter and I check the box to make it ungrabbable, then it wipes out the audio userData.

Can we have a fix for this please?


I just discovered there is a setting in the edit menu that allows turning off “Create entities as grabbable”.
This will solve a few problems.


Every time that I have tried to use it, it did not work. Maybe it is fixed now. I will try it again.


It works but the problem is the setting does not persist after you log out. Once you restart interface the setting reverts back to create as grabbable. This means every time you start up HiFi you have to set it back to non-grabbable.


Yes I tested and got the same result, the menu item reverts itself to grabbable after every relog.
I will post as a bug now that we have it nailed down.