Users.js is gone how will I know when the other user is online now?


Interesting about that low limit. I have several hundred friends and the presence logic in the previous gen virtual worlds easily handles telling me their online status.

On the other hand, what struck me as odd though is that there is no privacy setting in domains to block sending out presence information from the domain to the identity server, or to tell the identity server (or presence server if there is one) to not disclose online status. I can see many scenarios when one or more people wish to not be found. One can do that individually by setting the “show me to no one” setting, but there ought to be a domain based or zone based privacy setting too. When going into the NeedWant, for example, one probably wants auto-privacy :couple:

About presence, I can launch interface on multiple computers as my avatar and have all those instances go to the same domain. It gets interesting. Try it.


@person is new for me. as long you know the name. Now we need some friends invite or group / im chat to solve it.

How can i find someone if you not know the wholename ?


that was totally what I was thinking as well needs to be done


Well, I played around with the API a bit as you said. Only problem is that the XML API is undocumented. I found out that /users?status=online exists, but I don’t know any other filters. Plus /stats/users seem to exists, but strangely require authentication.
I love the idea of giving free developers a great part in development and to have as much independed apps as possible, but please give us the tools to create them.


@Konstantin XMLHttpRequest is just the normal JavaScript XMLHttpRequest.


So there is completely no documentation?
The problem is that there’s no way of even accessing the backend of the API as the .metaverse stuff is the only thing of HiFi not open source. So we have to rely on documentation.


There is.

XMLHTTPRequest is a Javascript Engine method.

But there is no info what interfaces are available from the highfidelity services


Sorry, I mistook the XML javascript API for the http API. I’m talking about the stuff like Is there any documentation about that? Because it’d be quite nice to use the API to create a statistics website like Second Life’s Grid Survey.