Users online box


I noticed just that the users online indicator is getting worse with colors and contrast. It where always already hard to read. but for soem reason it seems the backgroun d got more alpha or/and the text is in less contrast with the background.

Why are devs always implementing everywhere bad contrast combinations ?

We talk about this, on the forum it looks better because font is bigger on my screen. but in interface.exe it’s terrible. Always where terrible.:


@Richardus.Raymaker this is done with javascript. Could you make some modifications for a suggestion?


Need to take a peek on the script…

If the script where available. @chriis. the script is not in running scripts list. I expect it’s a seperate script. not one that is hidden in soem other script. That would make testing very hard.

Anybody know the script name ?


I went to look and with Windows - Interface 3786 there is no longer a menu option for scripts that I can seem to find. That seems odd and likely unintended. @chris



You need to go to the menu option view and enabled advanced menus I stumbled across the same problem. Not agree that some important options are hidden under advanced like the running scripts. also enable the developer menu there.

Running script need to be always accesably in a simple way.



I had turned on developer menu, but not advanced. I agree that running scripts should not be hidden in advanced menus - that’s not an advanced function, seeing your scripts, loading, unloading etc is normal use case – not something the average user doesn’t need, as is case for most things seen in an advanced/devel menu setting.