Using CDNs to reduce delays in HiFi?


I’ve noticed hints that HiFi might be implementing some CDN stuff to improve the website here. What I wonder is:

It sure would be nice to have servers in Europe, east and west coast US, Asia, South America, Africa, Russia and Australia have my domain assets downloadable from nearer copies.

If I was targeting people in Europe I’d want to have content available there quickly and same with other places.

This is not the same as having fast response on a domain to what is going on there, the only way I know of doing that is by hosting the server near them. But as far as loading content, this might speed things up at least by distributing the load for static content. Or even current content, like avatars present etc.

I know this is sort of pie in the sky stuff and might take a bit of work to implement but I would not be surprised if it could be used to eliminate a lot of the differences between users RL locations.

I think what would be needed on top of current CDN stuff is just a cache of what had been used lately. Although, I am really talking from point of view of someone who doesn’t know much about it, maybe stuff like that is available now and I just have not seen it.


This is what ATP (asset transfer protocol) is all about. Assets can be dynamically spread nd replicated across servers to lower the latency between them and the clients. This is distributed architecture and the servers that do that are provided by the content creators, or intermediaries who may offer regional hosting services (at a price).