Using GLSL shaders


I was wondering what the status of shaders is at this stage. Given that most logics and world mechanics are controlled via Javascript, I’d support a mechanism which lets users upload and activate their own GLSL files. This can apply to post-processing (bloom / HDR, SSAO, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, etc), vertex shaders (making the vertices of a flat plane waver for water), material shaders for textures (reflection, refraction, bump & parallax mapping, so on). I believe this would eventually be of high importance to making quality creations. Any plans or recent expectations in this regard?


I’d say this is definitely on our road map, along with (hopefully) allowing even more control over rendering through something like the Javascript GL bindings used for WebGL–particularly since many, if not most, techniques that use shaders also require some amount of CPU-side setup (generating textures, initializing uniforms from application state). The challenge will be to come up with a framework that can combine in a sensible way both the shaders that we use by default (to perform deferred shading, for instance) and the ones that users apply to their creations. Anyway, rest assured that we’re keeping this in mind, but it may be a ways down the road.