Using webentity is locking your avatar movement


I just wanted to test something with web entity. Baaad !
After rezzing it, i need to rotate it. That where already a problem because i could not get in edit.js in the ‘F’ key mode in first case. Second problem is that edit.js still cannot hanbdle rotations correct. try to set it at 180 inworld. it seems to skip over that number always.

Finaly everything good, and now my avatar is frozen and locked and i can only rotate and access the web entity. Now the fun part, after typing this, i tried it again and can move. There’s for syure a lockup somewhere.

Anyway, what i wanted to know works !


It is an old problem. When you click on a WEB entity, it captures your keystrokes, all of them, so you then cannot move until you deselect the entity. That can prove to be a huge problem if the WEB entity fills your entire view. Anyway, click outside the entity to deselect it.

I always end up pressing ESC, though to no avail here, because in SL ESC is a soft escape - it releases object selection, resets the camera view, etc. Here you flail between supplicant kneeling and standing.

This problem of having no key to escape from selection and other potential problems (like camera view) has been a point of complaint for over a year. It was made much worse by usurping the key (ESC) that millions of people use in other virtual worlds and games to become something entirely different.

The ESC could be tweaked to add the release selection, reset camera view behavior we all want along with its present toggle behavior between away and back mode.