UV baked texture load wrong in blender render and high fidelity


I tried to bake UV maps. well it works. in blender. But the quality is very poor. Wanted to check it in high fidelity. Looks like i wasted time and not going to use it.

The UV baked textures are wrong placed on the objects. I see it with blender in render mode and also in high fidelity. And not know why. It looks fine in material mode.

Blender materials view.

And how it looks in blender render mode and high fidelity.

How can this happen ?
I know this did bite me in the past to in SL sometimes. Later it worked. And now it’s back. Never figured out what is doing this.


You shouldnt bake any other texture but normals with PBR based renders, or when combining multiple materials into a single textures…

That Aside, its really hard to tell the issue from the screenshots. There are alot of stuff that used to effect this, but would have to see the files them selves to give a proper analysis.

Potential Cause however it seems that the UVs your export is not correct.
Make sure you only have one uv map per mesh. Multiple ones may cause issues.


That’s possible the problem. More UV’s Thanks. But not going to bake for the golf. the quality is to low. I can try one thing For test.