V7279 Troubleshooting



I’ve tried to update to V7279 several times, I can`t go to welcome for example


What version does it say you have on the top left of the window? Are you using the Steam Version or standalone?

If you are using the standalone, you need install the update it self. When you press the update button, you only open up the web page to start the download. After that is read to install, turn off Sandbox and Interface and install.


Hi Menithal! First of all, thanks for your quick reply. I’m using the standalone. Finally I have uninstalled the 7044, and updated to the 7279 after have as always, the bugs “Assignment-client” and the “Server console.exe”.

Server console


Thats Odd, try to uninstall it again, but before reinstalling goto

C:\Program Files\High Fidelity

And delete its contents. After thats done, re install.