Velocity behaves strangely


When I script a linear velocity change, ( I go from 0 to 30) the object suddenly lurches ahead at a velocity more like 60 or 80 for a second then settles down to the assigned value.

I have tried slowly incrementing the velocity by a looped timer, (takes 2 seconds to reach max velocity) and it just goes slow for 2 seconds then lurches ahead fast before settling down to the proper speed.

How can I get an object to move at a smooth rate?


@adrian, is this since 5029 ?
Because my door with angulair velocity seems to work not. I do not see it rotate as example.

Thoys did see the same problem. He say it moves sometimes and soemtimes not or in one fast move.


As a matter of fact no, I have been seeing this since I have been playing with vehicles, at least a year, but I am realizing its probably my script, I am assigning velocity directly and I just read Zappomans comment about not scripting the velocity directly.

I have objects with angular velocity set and they are all ok on 5029 for me.


After extensive testing I find this to be a bug, it only happens with models.

Entities dont have this problem and they move smoothly as expected.

But using a model from a URL does not behave correctly, it surges ahead at every turn.


When you say entities, do you mean an entity using a predefined shape versus an entity with an externally specified mesh?

Asking because maybe the issue is more about loading latency.


This issue is known and being dealt with according to this thread

But I have a new issue, which I will post on the other thread since its getting some attention.