Velocity.. wich velocity, i lose it many times


There’s a bug somewhere with velocity. It happens many time the my velocity get locked at <4.0 i know it can be fixt by removing the interface.ini, but thats not funny becaue you need to restore all settings. I get the idea that the velocity soemtimes vbreak when teleporting. more i have not figured out right now.

Seems its back to normal 4.0 max at voxel;s when i did = to reset avatar size and then scale it down again to real size. still something is clitching sometimes.


In the C++ avatar control code there is some logic that checks to see if there is a “floor” (*) under the avatar. If it finds a floor then it clamps the horizontal velocity of the avatar to about 4.5m/sec. However when there is a floor you should still be able to up verticallly, which should get you far enough away from the floor to switch the logic over to use the max flight speed.

I can’t see any other way that the avatar speed could be throttled… unless you’re using a JS script that calls MyAvatar.setMotorVelocity() and is hijacking the key presses.

(*) Right now the definition of a “floor” is any voxel face directly underneath, within about 2 avatar radii from the avatar’s pelvis (so only about 1.5 avatar radii below the feet).


Confirmed, i figured that out that the avatar is not going faster then 43.5 meters on voxel floor, and thats a good speed. But strange thing is that it sometimes is moveing slower. like i cannot go faster then 1.5ms. I keep eye on it, now know a few things to try.


Hrm… I was just looking at the code again and I think I could see a mode by which the speed might get stuck at 1.5 m/sec. I need to make another pass at tuning the of the parameters that control low-speed avatar control for Philip and will also try to fix the logic problem I noticed.


New user, first post in forums.
Two observations here prompted by Richardus’ input…

I have long experienced a lack of acceleration, through many versions of Interface; all except for my first two sessions. I do remember having selected both “Increase Avatar Size” and “Decrease Avatar Size” during one of my earliest sessions.

Does the changing of avatar size interfere with velocity/acceleration?

(Today, for the first time since, acceleration seems back to normal.)

Reading this has left me wondering if a “clean install” procedure has been outlined for use in some cases, as with Firestorm client viewer.

Does the removal of some HiFi files lead to a “fresh” launch of the Interface following download of a new version?

Again, new user here, please excuse if “clean install” procedure has been described elsewhere and I just have not yet come across it.


@Richardus, I fixed the logic problem that I noticed in this PR which was already merged:

I’m not 100% sure this relates to your problem. If you continue to see problems then detail them here again. Perhaps you’ll reveal some more clues that will help us identify the source.

@azwaldo, the avatar size does affect velocity/acceleration. I’m certain there are bugs that break the motion for very small or very large avatars – I haven’t tested different sizes myself.

Regarding “clean install” procedures… the Hifi client isn’t as complicates as a Firestorm install yet, especially since the hifi client doesn’t have much of a cache, if any. As far as I know the minimal Hifi install requires a single executable which will save a config file. If there is a problem with the config file then blowing it away will force you to reset preferences, identity, etc and is effectively a “clean reinstall” of the already installed Hifi client.

All that said, the Hifi config file is mostly human readable and I’ve successfully gone in and salvaged a config rather than deleting the whole thing.