Version 2177 also crashes on Windows 8.1


Continuing the discussion from Version 2177 does not work on windows 7:

I got to Sandbox fine with last weeks version just now. Then upgraded to 2177 and crashes on start. I ran the debugger and got this:

Unhandled exception at 0x0034FDD7 in interface.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xFFFFFFFF.

Then restarted Interface.exe and got in fine.


FYI, on close of the above session, it crashed again. I restarted and it crashed again. I restarted again and I entered sandbox just fine.

Might be some unhandled exception which is occurring every other startup?


I just tested this on Windows 8.1 and it’s working fine for me. Can you provide more details?

  • Can you describe what you were doing when it crashed (you mention Sandbox, but how did you get there?)
  • Does it run in other domains?
  • Can you include log files?


I started my interface which put me into the sandbox which was were I was a few days ago. I got the popup message to upgrade to latest version. I clicked the OK (or download) button which brought up the webpage for downloads. I went to my file system and renamed my existing “interface” directory to “interfaceold”. I downloaded the latest version and installed. Then ran interface, then it crashed with the above exception in the debugger. I didn’t grab any logs as I don’t know where they are. I wasn’t able to see the DOS window as it had closed as part of the crash.

I restarted interface.exe and it started fine and in the sandbox. I was not doing anything in the sandbox, just testing my mic. Oh, I did turn off mic local echo but I don’t remember if it was before the upgrade or after.


I restarted interface.exe and it started fine and in the sandbox.

Ok - so to be clear, you are able to run 2177 on Windows 8.1 and access sandbox. You had a crash, but it is not consistently crashing?

#6 got it :smile: