Version mismatch should not block connection


Version mismatch shouldn’t totally prevent a user from at least attempting to connect to a server. It should instead be a warning window, but let them proceed if they wish. Blocking them seems a bit useless, especially when some versions might have compiling problems on some systems at least the problem version can have a fallback state, thus allowing users an attempted connection. Same should occur between dev and release versions.

Is there any reason why users should not be allowed to at least attempt to connect? Will it melt their computer? Will it cause WW3?


Maybe it should be an option you can toggle in the sandbox settings.

There are valid reasons to block a mismatching client. If someone makes a copybot client later on, we should be able to block them from our sandboxes if we wish. Or if a company modified and customized HiFi for something like a MMO and they want only their own custom client to access their servers, they should be able to restrict that too.

But I can think of times where you’d want to just allow anyone to connect, too. It should be based on a case-by-case basis.


Not all version releases that are done result in this situation. Effectively, there are some updates that result in protocol changes, which warrant the reason for connections being blocked. That being said, I am not against the idea of having the option for a user to ignore this parameter as long as both the server operator AND client understand the possibility of incompatibilities which can result in crashing on either end (server and client alike).


As FlameSoulis said - this involves changes to protocol that could break a client not at same proto level… every new RC does not necessarily come with a protocol bump, and I would (highly speculative) guess at some point the number of releases with proto changes will decrease allowing older clients to continue connecting to newer servers or opposite.

That said - if there’s a protocol change then it must be the way it is – bad things happen when that rule isn’t enforced as the glorious past pointed out around 2.5 years ago when proto level matching was less… enforced.