Version Mismatch Ubuntu 16.04 Amazon Lightsail


I’ve been combing through the forums and I see absolutely nothing that helps just people giving up. 2 years ago I had a server running in Ubuntu no problem.

I keep coming back to HiFi to see how it’s evolved and each time I have to give up. I’m a 3d Modeler, my experience with Linux is “okay” at best. I got the Lightsail server so myself and a small team of other developers could begin working on a project here. I have done everything any of the instructions have said to do. I tried using OmegaHeron’s packages as well.

I can get the domain-server running no problem but no matter what i do when i try to connect from the Interface on my Windows machine, I get a version Mismatch Error, and the SSH client just floods with Protocol Verions Mismatch - Denying connection. I’ve been at this for 2 days now. Has anyone had any luck, i’ve seen another post about it as well, but it burried itself somewhere.


Hi. The comms protocol between client and server changes from time to time, for example recently in the “RELEASE-6431” merge into the “master” branch.
When you run a client (Interface) against a server with a different comms protocol version you’ll get the “version mismatch” error.

If you’re building your server off the “master” branch you’ll need to run a copy of Interface built off the master branch. You can find these at

Alternatively, if you want to run the current official “release” version of Interface from, you’ll need to build your server from the “stable” branch. Note how the current “stable” branch is also tagged “RELEASE-6435” which matches the version number for Interface given in the download page.

Note also that though the stable’s “RELEASE-6435” is a higher number than master’s “RELEASE-6431” with the protocol change, RELEASE-6435 does NOT include RELEASE-6431’s protocol change. This is because the release number reflects build order, no branch content.


I’ll give this a try, thank you so much.


Sorry for the double post. So i’m unable to launch the interface because there’s no display connected.

idealThreadCount: 2
RECOMMENDED enableSparseTextures: false
QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display
Aborted (core dumped)

Not sure how to proceed from here should i install and run ubuntu’s dekstop or?

EDIT: Well i’ve finally got Desktop running on it but i guess now i need to install OpenGL to get HiFi to launch lol. I’ll continue to edit this post from here. HOpefully we see support via an actual debian package at some point. I don’t remember having this much trouble 2 years ago