Vertex count inconsistancies


While surveying the poly counts for buildings on earth I can’t understand where the numbers come form.

My main building, the Alpha center which is the mall in the middle of the town center, reports inworld as 27899631 verts.
Rounded down to 27 million is still insane. The model in blender shows approx 300K vertices.
The spaHouse reports as over 7 million verts, yet in blender shows as 54K.
A simple house of 3K verts reports as 9K by Hifi.

Can someone please help me understand how Hifi determines the count. What do the numbers really mean?


Hi Adrian,

I’ve started a similar thread some month ago, maybe that helps: A question about understanding : Verts

Cheers, Skimi


Cool, so what I get from that is:

A full exact physics hull will effectively double the vert count out of the gate.
Multiple UV maps will somehow manifest as repeating those verts, possibly doubling the original count again.
@Skimi you said you tweaked the materials and textures, can you describe what steps you took to get such an improved result, please?

I already try to keep a tight ship, textures to 512 x 512 where possible, use the same texture where possible, normal maps and spec maps reduced even smaller. But I do tend to use lots and lots of different materials to get the finish I want.
I am wondering where I should pay attention for better results.


Hi @Adrian

I am at work at moment, but I will try to answer your question.

My experience is, that a bunch of materials (many used material slots in blender) also increase the vertex count. I try to put much as possible of the materials on less as possible UV maps and export them to Substance Painter With Substance Painter, its easy to use masks on layers to seperate materials on a single texture. And btw, texturing with SP is so much easier and makes fun, instead of using blender for this work.

I also delete every single not used vertex in my mesh by hand. Not sure this is a common practice, but it also reduce the vertex count.

I think, if you have a mesh model with - let me say 1K vertices in blender with 5 materials and behind each material 5 textures for color, AO, etc, plus the physics hull, HF somehow multiplicate the vertices when you have uploaded in HF. If you have 15 materials, it explode the vertex count anymore.

Okay, this are my experiences, I never found some documentation about this, and also never heard something about that topic of the devs.

Hope that helps Adrian, good luck



I noticed that the texture numbers can be higher then the draw calls.
When i start counting the textures i used the sre the same as the draw calls. So i cannot explain why textures are higher.

Substance painter, i looked at the program but it’s harder to use then with blender. Mainly because substance painter not soupport large font ? 125% dpi. And i hot the impression it an take a while.

And for the things i make now it’s better to not use UV maps, that would increase draw calls, because you need more to get a good quality. But things like a door can be made on UV map.