Vicon mocap system integration to High fidelity:looking for solution


Hi, Has someone already try to integrate Vicon system nexus on high fidelity virtual reality platform? I am aware that with the htc Vive tracker it is now possible but I still can’t find out for the vicon mocap.
Any tips welcome Thanks


Probably not any specific support as most often than not even most commercial VR users (as we are only few) won’t have a specific industry brand of motion cap suit as those are often used to create animations not use like the Neuron, Vive trackers or any other up comming solutions. Plus that price tag is way beyond individuals.

Ofcourse you just record and clean up animations to bring them in here.

But we do have some support to the perception neuron in the past and the animation system and networking layer does support direct limb control.

You could always dive into code to implement it like the neuron, but one would need to know how it works in the first place.


thanks a lot Menithal for your answer will dive into the code to implement it