View Computer Screen and HMD Simultaneously


Sorry if this has been answered. I searched, but could not find it anywhere.

Next week I hope to do a VR demo at work. I have a Vive and a VR Ready laptop (have tested it, and it works). My question is:

Is there a way that an audience can watch what’s going on in the HMD at the same time a person is in VR?
If there isn’t, what it means is that I can only provide a one person experience, unshared by others, and that even I can’t see what the HMD user is doing…rendering it difficult to assist them.

So, is there a setting that allows for simultaneous viewing? Would be fun to let patients watch while a patient enters VR.

Thanks, Franny, aka DrFran


I have my vr laptop connected to a 2nd monitor and have enabled ‘monitor sharing’ (or something like that) in Windows 10, and it does display High Fi on the 2nd monitor while I am using the HMD. Funny though, I can’t remember if the laptop itself displays anything while I’m in HMD. I will test today and report back.


Yes, you can see what is happening in HMD with your desktop computer screen if you have enabled preview.

You can enable preview by clicking on Display > Disable preview when you are in VR mode if you don’t see the preview. If it is disabled, you will see a black screen with some text.