View from a new user experience


I’m not new, but let me walk through what just happened… haven’t logged in for a while

Just installed sandbox etc after looking at some improvements on the site in general.

Got to my local host and decided to start by deleting the sandbox content and laying down a new floor.

3rd person view, desktop… of course as a builder…

OK create a floor… create cube no problem … but go to resize it boing I some how lost my view and can no longer see the object anywhere around the avatar.

I chaulk it up to me being a little rusty with the create mode, try again.

This time I create the cube, start to resize it and then try to move it, going into ‘f’ mode to view it better, somehow my avatar is now stuck in the middle of the cube and I can’t rotate the view properly any more after exiting ‘f’ mode…

OK im really rusty with this UI… one more time

I finally create a cube, resize it, place it under the avatars feet, whew! that was hard. THen I right click on the cube … no… no … no! it goes physical and starts spinning off into nowhere.

followed by a rage quit basically… is anyone actually using these building tools? would like to be able to get back into building for hifi … guess I will try alt david’s ‘alt’ edit script… and maybe menithals locking domain script… but no new user will even understand what they should be doing, these default edit tools are very ragged and the mouse/keyboard event tracking is borked.


Yeah… but we can do parabolic teleporting.


And you don’t need to cope with the pressures of a text chat to ask for help


Your story sounds like 80’s cartoon. When where everything goes wrong.

And yes, the build tools are terrible to work with.
Not sure why the think parabolic teleport is more important then good build tools.
Without good build tools no places to visit.
Without places you have a dead galaxy.


Oh yeah, that is a very annoying bug that happens sometimes. It’s a known issue that should be resolved soon. Fortunately a lot of work is going into the create tools of late, so it should become a lot more solid as time goes by

Not sure why the think parabolic teleport is more important then good build tools.

BTW… Parabolic teleport is a different team. We’re not diverting resources away from the create tools for it. :slight_smile:


I went recently to Sansar to see how their Create tools work. While they are still very imperfect and need still a lot of polishing to be really 100% useful in a similar way the SecondLife viewer tools are I found the following good things in them. Speaking about the desktop modality since the VR building modality is almost useless either in Sansar and in HiFi.

Good Points in sansar

  1. They are quite quite minimal, yet powerful. For instance:
  • Only 5-6 buttons are available at start and you can ask for additional useful windows coming up when needed.
  • there is a “tag” attached to each object where you can easily lock the object or calling its properties:
  • The properties window is really simple when dealing with an object
  • scene settings are very simple yet default parameters are quite consistent
  • Inventory to look for bought objects or uploaded objects is quite imperfect, but still has a lot of options for searching and sorting and selecting
  • Import tool is quite clean
  • when importing a 3d model we have
  • Has some validation check with useful log information in the UI
  • has a quite clean material settings
  • has some predefinied combobox to control the amount of data to be edited in a clean and compact way
  • has a simple outline of the objects
  1. Moving around is extremely easy with WASD keyboard

So what I can take from this is the following suggestions for HF:

  1. Please use properties windows very clean and context dependent via combobox or section enablers. There should be a property window for the most obvious options used like position rotation scale, textures and have all the others being accessible via specific sub sections

  2. have some help inside so that users can understand the options better and put most used options at the top. For instance Hyperlink and description are put at the bottom but they are quite useful.

  3. allow copy and paste for the entire set of XYZ properties like firestorm did teach some time ago.

  4. allow some form of alignment of objects I tried with grid alignment but it only worked a bit some release ago, now it is completely useless (I opened a “ticket” here in the forum but nobody did answer).

  5. allow easy navigation and movement of objects. Right now especially in VR it is almost impossible to fetch exactly the objects with their handles. meaning of handles is quite confuse, so the only usable way to build is desktop mode (!).

  6. Allow for an Inventory window. Now we HAVE an inventory with our wallet so it would be very nice if we can access our bought items, their statuses and maybe the possibility of collecting a directory of bookmarked addresses with description and maybe the possibility of adding an image on the web or in the atp so that we can easily scroll over them, search them and understand why bought objects keep in disappearing when you rez them twice (Warning: you already have rezzed this object in this domain…).