View goes into freewheel when I upload something


No reason for this, just an unpleasant bug, whenever I upload anything the camera connects itself to the mouse and swings wildly about, there is no need for this, and this must be connected to the problem where my avatar no longer points in the right direction.
Something changed this week and its now very hard to control the avatar and view.

Please dont set things up where the camera view has a mind of its own, we dont need someone else making decisions about where we look.


Do you have the steps to reproduce this.


Steps to reproduce.

Click the cloud icon, enter any url to import an object, click OK.

From this moment on the camera is connected to the mouse and freewheels as you move the mouse.

It happens every time, just try to import something and you will see it.


Happens to me as well - I thought I had it isolated to running lookWithMouse.js + editEntities.js - more or less got used to it and immediately click upon placing a model which, for me, relocked camera or however you want to describe it.


While we are on the subject, heres another thing. Whats the idea of the camera swinging into focus anywhere I click.
Its becoming so I cant click anything on the screen without the camera going on a trip.
I understand maybe a right click takes focus or a middle click takes focus but why should all 3 buttons do the same thing and take focus.

Steps to reproduce…
Click anywhere on the screen with any button and drag.

Your view is no longer level which also means your travel is no longer level. need to click ’ to restore. I am now clicking ’ every 15 seconds and its becoming distracting.

I didnt bother reporting it because it seemed like an intentional thing and I dont like complaining every time something changes so I just try to put up with most of it.
But in this case it is extreme and I would be disappointed if it was actually expected behavior, I see no reason for it beyond tormenting the user. So for this reason I call it a bug.

This is the problem I refer to in my previous post "and this must be connected to the problem where my avatar no longer points in the right direction."


That all comes with adding lookWithMouse.js to default scripts - at least that’s what it sounds like as that’s what it does. If you click and agent changes look, its movement vector matches look and you have to “reset sensors” using ’ key to restore to level movement.


You are right. Thank you for the tip. (Seriously? all 3 buttons do the same thing and this is by design?)

Never has there been a better argument for designing ones own default scripts.js


Yeah - I would have but I found that if I pick a set of scripts I like - those reload on each restart regardless of having a default loader. With the caveat that after some update (1 in 20 or less) it reverts to having no scripts running.


Yes but it does that anyway, so I wouldnt think it matters what scripts you start with, occasionally you need to reload your defaultScripts.js


Yup - I only run 1 so it’s easy for me :slight_smile:


Actually - not to diminish the fact this is a bug by having found root cause cure.

It is a bug. Somehow during the interaction between lookWithMouse.js and editEntities.js the following happens. You’ve clicked a button to instantiate a model - it does its thing attempting to focus on newly placed model - end result is instead of camera being locked on model it’s in free follow mouse mode as if a mouse key is clicked. That a combination of scripts interact so needs investigation as it seems to show a flaw somewhere. It seems time (past) to take a long hard look at hierarchy of layered scripts where each can “do things” and be mutually confused. As it stands now it’s, seemingly, very easy to end up with dueling scripts interacting badly.


Lookwithmouse.js and editentities.js are anyway not really friends. the conflict wit each other.
The CTRL-ALT key combbination for camming around where suprior and did not gave any problems, lookwith mouse still cannot beat that key combination.

Also look with mouse still dont have a button to get your cam centered back. unless you use reset sensors


I just put a PR in that should fix the issue with mouse look + adding a model:

You are right. Thank you for the tip. (Seriously? all 3 buttons do the same thing and this is by design?)

I doubt this is by design, but a consequence of mouse events being triggered regardless of button, so it has to be consciously checked. It’s something that should probably be fixed.