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So I am learning new software again.
The interface feels comfortable, things seem te be logical.

BUT I really dislike to learn a new viewing/navigation system again.
Most 3D packages nowadays have a sort of universal navigation with alt+mouse buttons.
And the navigation in SL is the best I have ever seen (I dream of having that for all software).

Looking around and working on entities should be like a second nature.
Not an extra thinking proces. I keep on clicking the alt key to zoom around, very inconvenient.

I use a keyboard, mouse and wacom tablet as input devices.


Unfortunately, not High Fidelity. Not sure if it was NIH or someone thought they had the best view/navigation since digital sliced bread, but I personally find it quite clumsy too. There is an alternative one: An Alternative Entities Editor
Scroll to the bottom to see the latest work on it.


Hi! If you want SL-style Alt-camming, have a look at my inspect.js script (modified version of inspect.js included in High Fidelity package):


Amazing, you just gave me the best motivation to keep playing around in HF :heart_eyes:
You scripters are of so much value,

It picks up a bit slow probably because of my slow internet.
Is there a way to run scripts local?

When working in EDIT there is a conflict with the ALT key.
ALT makes a copy of the entity so when I use ALT to look I get a copy of the entity too.


inspect.js does take a bit more mouse movement than one might expect to get the camming started. (I should have a look at reducing the amount of mouse movement required, sometime.)

Yes, you can download Interface scripts to your hard drive and run them from there. Edit > Running Scripts… dialog box lets you load / reload / stop scripts. The default Interface scripts run from your hard drive. … If downloading scripts, two things to note: some scripts load other scripts so you’d have to download hose scripts also; you won’t automatically get any updates to the scripts.

Interface’s default edit,js script has its own camera control, which can conflict with inspect.js: the work-around to not get entities duplicating when alt-camming is to not have an entity selected when you alt-cam.

My alternative edit.js script does not have built-in camera control and uses Shift-drag to duplicate entities so no conflict with the Alt key.

Note: You can have both edit.js scripts running at the same time, which can be confusing : )


This worked beautifully! Thank you!


Yes, @ctrlaltdavid has some nice, wonderful, indispensable scripts. He should make a thread to list links to them all if he doesn’t have one already, one that could perhaps then be pinned.