View PDF and ODP files in sync


I want to share a script for view in sync PDF and ODP files on HighFidelity.

If you want to present a Powerpoint slide you must export the file in PDF or ODP format from the Powerpoint application.

The script have two links: presenter and viewer. You must include both of them on web entities.
A demo application can be tested here:


Install nodejs server

cd serversocketio
npm install

npm init

npm install express --save
npm install --save

node server.js

The server will run on port 8080

Install client

on a web server (ex: public directory download and unzip the file:

cd viewer

On this folder you must edit two files: index.html and presenter.html and at line 68
replace with the ip or domain of the previous installed nodejs server.

Access the application

As you can see after the index.html and presenter.html you put # and the name of PDF or ODP file,
which can be uploaded in the same folder (/viewer).

Enjoy your presentations!