Virtual keyboard and web browser


Hello, it’s me again.

I would like to ask about virtual keyboard and web browser in VR this time.
Here is what I would like to do.

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Click on the web browser, and pop up a virtual keyboard.
  3. Use the Vive controller to tap on the keyboard to input the URL
  4. Press the virtual Enter key to reflash the web browser.
  5. Press the button on the controller and copy the URL
  6. Paste the url into the world as text entity.

For 1 I could just use the built-in web browser
For 2 and 3 I am thinking of following the piano tutorial which I first build a 3D keyboard model, import it, set box trigger on each key, and set up that when the controller overlay the key, it will send out specific character.
But I would like to now if someone had already created a keyboard script.

For 4 and 5, I would like to ask how to access the Source URL property in Web entity, I could not find where the web entity is, but I am planning to write a function that could get and set the Source URL property. Any recommendation for this?

For 6, It might not be difficult after I figure out how to do 1 to 5…Simply pass the Source URL I get from Source URL property and pass it to Text entity as property.

Thanks a lot for the help.


There is some work going on to integrate virtual keyboards, I think it’s being worked on internally, there was also a Worklist job to create a script to achieve this that has now been taken on.