Virtual Mirror Code


While talking to the greeter lady about VR headsets @ the sandbox I recalled experiencing a virtual mirror in and now non existing 3ds world called Cloud Party.
If I was an expert at coding I would try recreating this effect.
Anyway here is a link showing a virtual mirror.


I too have wanted to have this for a long time. We have started working on something that would support this and related applications: a second rendering path, with a projection independent of your main view, to a texture that can be displayed on the screen and in-world.


I saw this done in 2012 or 2013. Then from the link I got via Rene Vega I see that soon after in 2014 somebody had written a mirror script for SL.

tbh there a number of videos that demonstrate mirror effect in SL.
This one might be a troll video because nobody else is able to reproduce the effect.

But from when I read not many of the SL viewers supported the mirror script.


Nice! Would really like a cube-map generator along the same lines, could export a compiled set of skybox textures from second projection…


I just happened to find this Mirror Mode script in the HiFi market place. After you buy it for free you should see the mirror button to the left of all the other menu buttons.

This is it working