Virus in Stack Server?


i was trying to download the required files to start using the HF, but my antivirus deleted the Stock Manager, claiming that the file has a virus. Not a good impression, to start a new thing. Now I wonder if I have to bother myself to use HF or not.


I know how that feels, got that in the past with interface.exe

Many virusscanners think sometimes that some program is a virus.
In this case the virusscanner get triggered because high fidelity is pretty new
and not used by many people. So some scanners go automatic in defense mode.
It can be solved with you next virus definition update. sometimes it takes a few days.

Best what you can do, is to send a false/positive to the creator from your virusscanner
so the can fix the false warning. i know avats have option to send false/positive.

This problem can happen with every very new created program.


Norton 360 has done this to me in the past, it still doesn’t like the file when I download it.



We have been going through a process of letting the virus companies know about our software. If you are running F-Secure here is the message I got back from them today:


Thank you for your submission.

The file you submitted is indeed clean. A database update will be released to resolve this issue.

For the meantime, you may exclude this file from Real-time Scanning. Instructions for exclusions can be found here:

Internet Security 2013/2014:

Internet Security 2015:

Policy Manager and PSB Workstation:

For the latest database updates please visit this page:

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may have brought you. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email us again."


I’m sure that there is no virus. If I disable the Norton and the download, I think it may solve the problem.


Here’s what Norton says for me, and deletes the file … Detected As:Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP


When I try to install anything from HiFi on my Mac, I get a similar warning and the installation will not proceed.

To get around this, choose CTRL while DOUBLE-CLICKING on the Interface (or Stack Manager) icon, and choose OPEN from the menu that appears.

This creates an exception for that application, and you can install and run it cleanly from that point forward.


To overcome that message, you need to deactivate Norton. Then download and install Stock Manager. However, after you activate Norton, it will remove the installation file, but that is not important anymore since you got everything installed.:slight_smile:


I got no issues installing with Avast, but Avast blocks the program from running stating its a win32malgen, I have reported to Avast as a false positive. When it blocks there is no option to ignore etc. I will add it to exceptions in avast to resolve until they ‘unblock’ stackserver in a future definitions release.


With Norton an alternative method is to restore the downloaded file from quarantine.