Visage License Error


The interface application stalls for about 30 seconds (an error log indicates it is polling for a Visage license?), and then presents me with an error indicating I “don’t have a valid license for visage|SDK FaceTrack (network check failure -connection error), Error code 0x00000080. Face tracking will work, but it will stop after one minute.”

True to its word, facetracking stops after about a minute.


I got the same error.


I am not sure that this is the case but only our Mac installer includes a working Visage feature. If you are building Windows it won’t work. Once we get a Windows installer up and running, Visage should work there as well.


The above error occurred using the Mac installer.


This sounds like Visage’s authorization servers were unreachable at the time. Can you please try uninstalling the existing Interface application (dragging into the Trash), downloading latest and reinstalling.