Visions and Ideas from User View


I have read here in the forum and the blog some visions about the technical development of hf. This is very interesting. But I think, we could need some more visions from users, how they would like to use hf,


In the welcome thread I have found a post from @silverhuang - yes I also search for 3d mind maps since years and have tried to program or build one in different ways. We often think, that all people think nearly in the same way. The most people don’t know, how different the ways of thinking can be. So it would be really great, to use hf, to show more about our inner worlds and their lawes.

"To be able to create nodes from the central topic at any point in 3D space, with the ability to shift and fix their specific location in 3D space.
Add the ability to create inter-nodal relationships between nodes within different sub-topic branches in this 3D space. In current 2D mind mapping software, relationships form an incoherent mess of curved lines because of the 2D limitation.
Relevance between concepts in a single mind map can be arranged presented in 3D spatial clusters, where distance and even angle of spatial relationship imply relevance or irrelevance.
I don’t think in words. In brief, thoughts and concepts are modelled in my mind, an infinite 3D space of black (like the Construct or loading program in The Matrix, bar the difference in color), as fuzzy grayscale objects, each with their own unique frequency signatures. Each object can be unpacked to reveal more related sensory data, like emotional relevance, audiovisual memory replay and freeze framing with temperature, smell etc. Relevance between concepts is calculated by similarity or dissimilarity in frequency vibrations, as well as proximity and angle of spatial relationship. Individual concepts can be combined into clusters with their own unique recombinative frequency, that can then be compared to or analysed against other clusters.
Basically I’m hoping to create a system that can hopefully mirror or come close to how my own brain works. Obviously, there’s lots I can’t recreate i.e. the frequency systems that my brain uses to calculate, analyse and recombine. However, I hope to create something that can support the 3D spatial representation of thought in my mind, along with maybe the ability to attach data to each individual node that can be compressed or unpacked as required i.e. video, image or sound files and any other data.
I’ve always found 2D mind mapping software to be painfully limiting because my brain works like a mind map, so I am naturally drawn to them but the 2D limitation is very frustrating. So I’ve had this idea for a long time but never did anything about it because I didn’t really know how to go about it.
I recently shared a brief description of how my brain works in a video submission for a short film Spectrospective: Stories of Autism released here in Australia and received feedback that I’m not the only one whose brain may function this way. That reignited my passion for the idea again. I signed up for the High Fidelity alpha, can’t remember when, with this specific idea in mind. "


I have not seen @silverhuang around for a bit. I hope she comes back.


Well @SterlingWright, the post of @silverhuang was for me one example, to think about the possibilities of Highfidelity from user view. Im now 4 weeks here and at the beginning I have seen hf a bit as a second second life. Slowly I see, that hf is much more open. The developers have a great concept.What we will do with it? Will we build again our rl here or will we find fully new ways of communicating, working and playing together?
In sl I have tried to help seniors, to find their way through this world. Often it was difficult, because ten years ago the 60+ generation was not so familiar with a computer. Now the 60+ generation has many experiences with virtual worlds. I think, many older people also will use it for the next years. So for me it would be interesting, to hear more about, what users would like to do in hf.


Agrees with the 60+ Its not glamorous but I have said before for virtual worlds to go main stream they have to be something that my mother would be interested in. But on the same line of thinking old people complain they cant get out of the house, that they don’t see people to chat to.Seems like a bit of a solution if its done right. and by done right it needs to be completely intuitive to use.
edit omg I have been in vr for 10 years and in 20 years time ill be in the 60+ bracket for the love of god kill me

the virtual world is cold and drafty


One thing I have always wanted was realistic movement… things like a curtain blowing, or trees blowing etc. It’s achievable in animation but I haven’t yet seen a good rendering of it in virtual.

(sorry for the short reply, but I am not currently well)


Yes @Judas , it should be fully intuitive and especially, if they come first time in the world, there could be a senior welcome area, where they can meet already friendly people.

And @Debs I feel, that in hf could come the goods of many platforms together. For example I have worked in the last years much with iClone It is a real time animation software for movie maker. There you have moving tress. and curtain blowing. The physics dos give many possibilities and the pipelines to 3d software are great. It may be interesting to give the demo a try, to get some more ideas, what we could need in hf.
And there I also have build moving flowers.


…for the love of god kill me

Remember, @Judas, if you you die, you will be buried next to @KDOgg


@Summer4me. … Exactly!!

It’s too easy to just think sl or whatever platform we’re used to. Let’s think out of the box and more into real world experience.

That way HF will become a true vision.

… and get press exposure :wink:


Another idea. . Admittedly from watching Twitch, working with Skype and thinking about deaf people interacting.

How about having a mini screen showing live images of the people there. Maybe a right hand side menu of faces of friends?

Obviously the use would be optional per user but would make for an even closer personal experience. Avatars can lack intimacy.

Waits for my haters to attack…


attacks debs :stuck_out_tongue:
The thing is with the face capture and tracking is that its lower latency than video, this should allow to have capture and audio synchronized, something that doesn’t really happen in Skype (does that name sound to close to sky)
Altho I would like to see avatar faces down the side of the screen to feel a little more connected to the conversation outside of the rift.


slaps @Judas

Just a ball I threw into the ballpark to see if anyone wanted to play with it grins

Avatars are a good idea too… I was thinking of a way to help us feel connected more easily (out of the SL box stuff)


Another on my wishlist… animated characters like this!


For me, the vision is all about social interaction and collaboration. SL does that today in a very limited capacity, however its architecture (and limits on number of agents per simulator) prevented any real progress over the years.

I’ll use Burning Man as an example. Many of the people who participate in that real world arts and culture event in the Nevada desert each year are scattered around the globe, so having a virtual space where friends, campmates, artists, and other like-minded individuals can gather and socialize would be a fantastic way to ‘fill the void’ as it were. Being able to gather more than 50 or a hundred people in a virtual location at a time is crucial, as I see it the space needs to potentially support hundreds if not thousands of simultaneous users who wouldn’t necessarily all be trying to shout at each other in a central cluster, but exploring a larger virtual art space and meeting friends old and new.

On the smaller scale, HF could serve as a great opportunity for artists or designers who are soread out geographically to collaborate on projects. People can gather online in a spot, talk and use gestures, graphics and other tools to share ideas, and load models of projects that the team can then walk or cam around, or in, and visualize. Dreaming out loud, it would be fantastic if there were some way to virtually ‘mark up’ the mock up as it were. Say I loaded a model (or prototype for a new product), another person could use their markup tool to draw lines to show me where they would make a change, or show me exactly what shape they want for a certain element. That gives me immediate feedback in a way that could otherwise only be achieved if the other person had hopped on a plane and flown in for a meeting.

I think that support for things like Oculus, motion and gesture capture, and even making use of the gyros and accelerometers in smartphones and tablets could help facilitate more intuitive and immediate navigation, feedback and communication (why press a bunch of keystrokes to look around when you can just move your head or the handheld screen around?).


we have faceshift just its developers are better at making those than we are lol


Nice ideas :smile:
@Debs, @Judas there are some programs, which can create a 3d head from a photo. And they are really similar. So who dos want, can come with the own head here. This one I haven’t tried (I use iClone for it), but it is free.

@TriloByte, yes for me is the social interaction and collaboration also important. I was on Coffe & Power and I have liked this platform. Would wish a part of it could come in hf. Little paid rl jobs there were offered and people can speak in hf more easy about the work, which should be done. And sure also artists and designers could work together.
Years ago I have made my webpage with exit reality to a 3d webpage. You could go around in it with a avatar. This also would be a nice way, to show the people what we do, if we could wander here in 3d through the webpages of the people.


@summer4me… Being able to embed 3D interactive environments into webpages it what drew me away from SL and into Unity3d. I just can’t seem to fully embrace, with full intellectual enthusiasm, something that only exists behind a wall rather than on the broader web.


Totally! @Summer4me !

@SterlingWright Browser-embedded is the holy grail for virtual existence (and virtual reality)… it has to be achieved!!!

Javascript is a good means to make this happen… now over to all those clever HF boffins that can and will make this happen :wink:


Maybe also time, to control our avatars with our brains: