Visitor in my localhost


Now I am confused, I was running local stack manager, and dynamic update client OFF, and logged into localhost, yet someone managed to visit me.

I didnt know this was possible, I thought localhost was completely isolated, but clicking my name TPed him right to me.


No localhost is only a shortcut for, but you are still connected externally and if you have your firewall open people can still join.


Adrian I think, this was me. I have clicked at a name without looking so right, where it is, because I have wanted to test my script on a other domain. And suddenly I was there. But I have seen nothing, only heard some music and finally I’m crashed. But it was written, that this domain was not connected.


OK, so I expect the only way of getting there is to click my name, if I go invisible, then people would need to know my IPv4 to get in.


An easier way would be to simply restrict access to just your name in the web interface under security.


Thanks but I think my way is easier, one click, no restart required. I like to switch back and forth.


For now, yes. Lets hope people don’t start scanning for it.