Vive Controllers - Battery Life in HiFi?


Whereas applications like TiltBrush or GravitySketch would drain all my batteries after 6 hours, until recently I was able to stay in VR - fully tracked with 1.0 Vive controllers & trackers - for 9 hours in High Fidelity.

But at yesterday’s FUTVRELANDS Festival everything flatlined after just 6 hours :frowning:

While I still have to test their current battery life in TiltBrush/GravitySketch, I‘m wondering if there might have been changes to the HiFi code which let the controllers & trackers run out of charge sooner?

Did anybody experience similar issues in the last couple of weeks?
I‘d be grateful for any intel on this :purple_heart: :battery: :sunglasses:


Who else stays in VR for six hours? :wink:


I only not like it that you cannot replace the batteries easy yourself. I think i can do around 4 hours with the controllers before the are drained with games. maby 6.

I think high fidelity make more use of the feedback in the hand controller. That could explain extra battery usage.


Regarding this I was exactly under the opposite impression (HiFi draining the controllers less than other applications) until a couple of weeks ago.

That‘s why my question if there‘s been some change to the code which is more stressful for the controllers now.


My controller lifetime has been lower as of late while in Hifi, but I blame the issue with using haptic feedback rather abusively, namely with the soft attachments of others causing grabbable feedback.