Vive - DIY Replacement Head Strap V2


Hello to all my friends here in HiFi and to all HTC Vive owners. I have spent many hours chatting with friends here in HiFi and I know from experience the standard Vive Head Strap is very lacking in the comfort department. I made this DIY video to share with everyone a comfortable and easy to build Replacement Head Strap for the Vive. If you fancy yourself a bit of a maker. I hope this DIY Video helps you to have a more enjoyable VR experience with your Vive.


Hey I know that guy! Countach you’re Internet famous now!


Hey @LCountach

Can you please tell the name of the material and where can I buy it from?



Sorry, I would like to tell you exactly what plastic I used but… Unfortunately I bought it as a large sheet from a hobby shop over 10 years ago. I don’t know what type of plastic it is. Only thing I can say is. You want something that’s flexible enough to bend into shape but stiff enough that it still wants to hold its shape. It doesn’t have to be exactly what I used. That part of the DIY fun I guess. Good luck.