Vive - DIY Replacement Head Strap With Headphones

Hello Vive owners. If your like me. You may find the standard headstrap a bit uncomfortable. Well actually I feel it’s more like a work of the Devil and it’s Hell Bent on slowly cutting my ears off. Anyway… I was chatting in HiFi with some other Vive users about a cheap DIY replacement head strap I constructed for the Vive. There seemed to be some interest and they asked for pictures. I don’t have any form of a decent camera so I whipped up a crude model of the strap using primitives in HiFi’s edit menu. It seems some people still want pictures. So… Below are some LowFi shots from my webcam.

The strap is constructed from black 0.25" hobby foam. I bent the foam into shape and laminated it with black 2" Gorilla Tape. This makes for a semi-rigid structure. The idea is to cradle the back of the head and help support the Vive’s considerable weight. It also makes it so you don’t have to strap the Vive on as tightly and it still stays in place. The same day I made the strap. Vive announced their “Deluxe” strap. LOL just my luck. Anyway… examining their strap I did get an idea to improve my own. I added a bit of stiff support wire to the top strap that arches over the back of the head. That helps support even more of the weight. The pieces are all held together with black 2" Velcro. I also dissembled an old pair of headphones. I then used more Velcro to attach the cans to the strap for integrated headphones.

Overall I don’t think this is the best VR mounting system. I much prefer the PSVR’s style over any other. I feel the the new “Deluxe” strap is simply a band-aid over a bullet wound. Any mounting system that squeezes the HMD to your face is flawed in my opinion. This goes for my strap too. However, it is an improvement over the old one and has integrated headphones.

I hope the pictures help to clear things up as to how the DIY strap looks and works. Maybe you will even be inspired to make one of your own. Goodbye for now and I’ll see you in the Metaverse.

By special request of Jazmin. Here is a sneak peak at a new version of my replacement Vive headstrap. It is 95% finished. I still need to play test it long term to see if it is any good. Initial impressions are Very Positive! It is very comfortable and very easy to put on. It’s almost as easy as slipping on a hat. The weight of the Vive can be 100% supported by the strap. The Vive doesn’t even touch your face if you don’t want it to. Adjustment is a bit fiddly unfortunately. The Velcro tabs are not as easy as something like the push button adjustment system on the PSVR.

I have edited the color of my previous Version 2 pics to reflect the White Gelshell I am ordering for the Vive. I like that color scheme and its a simple fix. Additionally I have also added an extra little support that curves up over the top of the head from the front. I don’t have pictures of that yet. Hopefully I will be able to make a video and upload it to Youtube. The strap is very comfortable long term and holds the Vive in place rather well. Also if your a bit of a maker. It is fairly simple to construct and its cheap. Here’s hope for the future. :slight_smile:


Did you spray paint parts of the vive ?

I am using Hyperkin’s HTC Vive GelShells. I got them on Amazon.

I did it with cheap USB sound card.
Sound quality is just ok but the mic is really good compare to the built-in mic

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A bit of a necro of an old post, but I will agree the Vive’s microphone quality is total garbage. It’s the primary reason I use the provided USB port for a sound card. Anyway, all I did was add a ModMic to the Deluxe Audio Strap, which I only recently went ahead and added a foam wedge on to adjust weight distribution. The sound card and ground loop isolator are in the black shoulder strap used to keep most cabling together.

And yes, the cable was sleeved. Regrettably, I didn’t add the USB extension cable used for the LeapMotion while doing it.

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