Vive-forward-patch.js: a crutch for walking with a broken controller


The other day @XaosPrincess was having trouble walking because of a defective Vive controller.

More specifically, the left controller was no longer responding to forward d-pad presses due to mechanical problems – which made the act of walking around seem all but impractical.

However, the below workaround enables the controller’s menu button to be used for forward movement instead (which I’m told works pretty well as an alternative, all things considered).

Even those with working controllers might find it interesting to experiment with this kind of override. For example, the two menu buttons seem redundant right now – so arguably one of them can be viewed as a “spare” and mapped to some other purpose. Such as toggling mute, taking a screenshot, or bringing scattered overlay windows back into view.

(for reference here is a link to the stock Vive controller mappings: resources/controllers/vive.json)

Always happen at weekends. HTC handcontroller button broke

Thank you sooo much for this script!!
It really saved my day (week, month,…) in world :heart_eyes:
And it is such a great feature that the controllers can actually be re-mapped, also for other purposes like maybe muting or the bubble.
You are really a hero for me!


Sounds great, one of my vive controllers has a similar problem. I will try this, thank you.

Just because I thought of that, I know from a VR game, they use the thumb pad for movement, but not when pressing the pad, just by touching it. Not sure somebody could script that, but I found, this was is a nice way to avoid pain by always pressing the thumbs.


Great idea!
Especially since the touchpad seems to be the Achilles’ heel of the Vive controllers (at least when being pressed too often/wildly).