Vive, nose pressure


I noticed , and mabye still need to adjkust it soemwhere better. That the pressure on the nose is terrible with the HTC Vive. it makes it not comfortable to wear.

Anyone soem idea how to fix this ?
If i change the upper strap more to the back then i have it already. it’s on top of my ears. Not nice point to wear, and problem with headphones.

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I haven’t tried one but would it be possible to attach a counterweight to the back of the strap, can of beans on some string
or somthin?


I moved to strap more to the back of my head. see if that works. it seems the right way.


Generally yes, the strap should always be somewhere in the back, or if it can reach the base of skull. I usually first put the strap to the back of my head, then put the HMD on from top down


The pressure on the nose i think is lowered after i did put a soft rubber beteen the eyes sticked on the platic part. i keeped the part above the rubber free.


i moved btw the soft part now behind the nose rest. so it keeps in place and not moves.


I am curious now where the Vive presses into your nose. Is it points 1 or 3, or is it point 2? I am asking because it might affect me too once I get a Vive.


Point 2 i have add myself, the soft part. it not fixed it i think. hmm more testing.
Out of my mind and what i remember as print on my nose it must be 1 or 3 or both.

It’s hard to see what really pressing on the nose. except after long time the deep prin t on the nose.


1 & 3 happens when the padding to the left and right of 1 & 3 does not rest on your cheek bone. When the lower padding misses the cheeks then yes, the painful hard plastic will rest on your nose. It could a number of issues. Maybe the Vive is ending up tilted on your face so that the bottom is further forward than it should be. My guess is that the upper strap needs some adjusting. It is clear one size does not fit all faces. Customizing the lower cheek rest pads might be advised.


@Balpien.Hammerer , i removed the nose rest and my own rest and did put the whole FOV back to it’s orgina;l setting that gives a better picture.

But my rigth size of the nose have a deep red line now.
I already adjusted the top strap. It sounds weird if you need to move it so far down that it’s below your ears on the side. I cannot move it further back without putting straps on my ear, with pressure there and , my headphones need to be there, not thne straps. :open_mouth:

I go test it without nose rest for now, so far this pressure did not irritate or did feel as heavy pressure. So removing the nose flap sounds a good solution anyway. Otherwise i could try tgo move the FOV one click away (instead of 2)