Vive Pre-orders to Open February 29th


Seems like they will be more expensive from what people are saying but the races on what will you be picking first ?

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If the pricing is below 1000, I am buying it. If it is above it, I will reconsider just getting OR.

Otherwise tempted by the Vive, as I do have a 6 x 5 m room to set it up in :), even thought I <3 Oculus Support. They were so good to me back when I accidentally fried my DK1.


I will not get an HMD in the near future. My reasoning:

  1. I already have a DK2 and for the few moments I need to see some elements immersive, it works well enough.
  2. By far the much more important problem to work on (besides all the broken infrastructure issues) is gesture input. Hand controllers are now far more important to work on than the ‘eyephone’ because HMD excitement in virtual worlds will be something like 5 minutes before people inevitably say “where are my hands?”.

I do not like any of the hand controllers I’ve seen to date and that includes both the vive and Oculus offerings. I want something like this mockup where the controllers are unobtrusive and I do not have to fear dropping them accidentally in a spate of excitement. Those little devices are surprisingly high accuracy 3D gyros and compasses. What I want on the hand sensor is either a 180 IR imager, volumetric or a near field sensor to track the fingertips.


You mean this?


Almost. Soli uses a radar wash to extract gross gesture patterns. I want a volumetric scan to get precise fingertip 3D location.
If they use a phased array to perform a volumetric sweep, then, yes! But the vid clearly shows a general radar wash and signal analysis of the reflection.

I think this is the radar chip project soli uses:

If it is, the radar chip contains a transmitter and two receiver antennae, so it is possible to have a two point synthetic aperture. Now that’s exciting because it gives a narrow 3D image. Place four of these radar chips in a row and that can create a decent image of fingertips even when occluded.