Vive problems. No screen


Am digging into this. since i have not used the vive for 2 weeks (disconnected) i started to use it on the last load test. The problem is that i have since it’s connected problems to get the vive working corect. first the system did need a restart. Now all devices seems green but there;s no picture in the HMD.

Digging into this problem. Mabye soemone knows this problem.


Hmm. Closed steam , and did a restart that seems to help.
Now i remember the pc where in hibernate this night.

Still i think something is wrong or changed. But who to blame ?

  • Windows ?
  • Nvidia ?
  • Steam ?
  • ???

ADD: Strange it seems to work. Mabye high fidelity did crash soemthing. because as soon i switched from the tablet to HMD mode the screen where complete white. Everything seems to work only not drawing on the screen. I could switch back to desktop mode from the menu.

Anyway, i hope it keeps working now.


I can attest to a number of interface crashes after sleep/wake. Also, the latest Nvidia GeForce driver has an HMDI (2nd port) sleep/wake bug where the port does not reactivate. I have not tested the GeForce10 driver set, but you should check their forums.


That’s interessting. not sure if HDMI is port 2 or 3 here. the other 2 are displayports and in use. There’s total of 3 screens connected. I need to check if there’s a new driver.


By latest I meant to write 1/20/2017 aka 378.49


That is the one i use. No newer one right now.