Vive Trackers (Pucks) Not Working


How do you get the Vive Trackers to work for foot and torso tracking? I have enabled auto, feet only, and feed and hips but it is still not working. I have 3 trackers. Tornuffalo, Path of Greatest Resistance, and Final Soccer all work fine with my 3 trackers. I want to Join the YouTube Live cast on Wednesdays with full tracking.




Are you using the development build or are you using the open public beta?

You’ll need to ensure your build has the plugin support for pucks, and you are able to run viveMotionCapture.js

cc: @hyperlogic


Thanks so much for responding. I have just used the Steam Version and the public download version. I have not run any scripts, just out of the box.

Thanks again for the response!


Hey, glad to hear you were able to get some trackers–they’re a blast to use!

With the Steam or public download version, you actually do not have to run any scripts or mess with the settings. It works out of the box :slight_smile:

With the trackers turned on attached to your feet and hips, stand in a T-Pose (feet together, arms out) and hold the following four buttons together for 1 second: left trigger, right trigger, left menu button, right menu button. That should “calibrate” you. If you hold those four buttons again, that will “uncalibrate” you.

Let me know if you have any more trouble. Sorry that it’s not clear how to use them yet… we’ll work on getting a documentation page up asap.



That is so cool!!

Now I just have to get through the work day! I may be feeling sick, cough, cough.

Thanks again!