Vive user...everything is backwards on my headset


I move backwards when I want to go forward,lol. I just installed all this, no idea how to fix anything. I did notice that things are jumpy too, the kind that makes you sick


Have you checked the ‘View’ menu? Happens sometimes for me, if the view is ‘Mirror’.


yup, I fixed it,thanks. Is there a welcome center or something to show me how all things work?


Very welcome here to Highfidelity :slight_smile:

Unfortunately HF has no welcome center at moment. If you hit ‘Enter’, you open the adress bar. A few nice locations are ‘Franny’ and ‘Free’, also ‘Playa’ (Playa is the main plaza of HF, even its hard to get it with HMD right now). We have a directory with more places, just its in maintenance.

Caitlyn wrote a blog it helps to get into HF:

Docs and tutorials you can find here:

Or just ask here in the forum.


Thanks now, glad you was here for me


Very welcome :slight_smile:

The directory of all public domains in HF, you actually find here: (but like I said, they build on this and its in maintenance at moment).

HF is in Beta, and it seems a little rough sometimes, but with patience and a HMD you can have fun.