Voice control is now avialable in Windows


You can now use voice control in Windows as well as Mac.

Prerequisite is to have microphone set up and successfully working in the Windows Control Panel > Speech Recognition > Set Up Microphone wizard. You may have to increase your mic gain, for example. Once you have it set up, you don’t actually need to have Windows Speech Recognition running in order for Interface voice control to work, though you can have both running at the same time if you want.

To do voice control in Interface, run the script speechControl.js and turn voice control on/off with Tools > Control With Speech menu item (Ctrl-Shift-C shortcut).

The voice commands available in speechControl.js are:

  • Move forward / backward / up / down / left / right
  • Step forward / backward / up / down / left / right
  • Turn left / right
  • Turn slight left / right
  • Turn around
  • Stop
  • Show commands


That’s very cool, :smile: Works very nicely with the updated walk script (soon to be released), especially when flying.

Couple of notes:

  • On ‘Move forward’ I mostly start flying forwards very fast, just a couple of cm above a voxel surface (only happens when the Interface window is in focus)
  • The walk speed (again on voxels) seems only adhered to when the Interface window is not in focus and is quite slow (around 3m/s). Interface is currently using a default of around 4.
  • ‘Movement Up’ doesn’t seem to work so well when on a voxel surface - I mostly end up walking forwards at around 3 m/s.

It may also be nice to put in an optional ‘voice command’ / mute mic button (e.g. on a gamepad) so that when you are instructing movement, others around you cannot hear the commands. I note that it does all still work when the mic is muted…

But these are minor points - what a cool feature!

  • davedub


@ctrlaltdavid - I had another idea on this - would it be possible / desirable if we could load and unload scripts using voice commands? We could then, for example, switch between using leapHands.js, gamepad.js and hydraMove.js whilst wearing an HMD.

  • davedub


@davedub Looks like we’re starting to collect a few suggestions here; may be time to suggest in a Worklist item soon?

I’d include a suggestion to rename the script from speechControl.js to voiceControl.js.

Regarding new commands, they’re easy to add if you want to try some out: the commands are just specified as text strings in speechControl.js and events are fed back into speechControl.js to act upon when the commands are recognized.