Voice stops working after a bit,,, Also, all the objects go black when I'm facing certain directions


Well, every time I go to the meetings lately, when I arrive, I can hear voice, but it seems that voice stops working right about as everything finishes rezzing. This is at Sandbox’s Winter is Coming platform. I’d relog, but then it takes ages for everything to finish rezzing again. Oo

Any idea what’s going on?

Another issue is, if I turn and face certain directions, all the objects in world AND the sky turn black, with only the falling snow visible. I see the buildings only as black silhuettes against black, and that only because the snowflakes show me where the buildings are by passing behind them. If I move a little more to the left, everything instantly pops back into normal view again.

This is when I’m standing so that I’m facing towards the little wooden platform with the “shoot here to start game” blue circle thingy, with the hay bails beyond it. If I turn a little more to the left, all goes dark, if I turn farther to the left, everything comes back, if I turn back right again, it goes dark once more until I’m facing mostly back towards the little platform again. Oo


You wouldn’t happen to be on a Mac or a PC with HD4000 graphics? I’m trying to track down another bug that leads to the blacked out display. No help on the audio - sorry.


I’m on a PC with Win7 Pro 64bit, on an NVIDIA video card.


Ok - try this. Under Developer menu then Render do the following one at a time

Turn off shadows. Fixed? Yes - report back, no, move to next.

Turn off Ambient Occlusion. Fixed? Yes - report back, no, move to next.

Turn off Anti-aliasing. Fixed? Yes - report back. No - it’s not related to something else I’m trying to diagnose. :frowning:

If one of above fixes it would be nice to turn them back on, one by one, until you see problem happen again. Also - if you turn one on and it makes no change - turn it back off leaving all disabled or only one on at a time. Trying to see if it’s a single item in that set leading to issue or a combo.


Try updating the drivers as well.


The only thing checkboxed in Developer > Render is:

Throttle FPS if Not Focus

…and they were that way when I started.


Ok - thanks, this seems unrelated to something else I’m chasing. Wish it wasn’t as it’s no help to you. Other than being sure driver is up to date (Nvidia is at 361.43) you might check that LOD isn’t issue in that it’s throttling to keep FPS up.


I’ve had a lot of audio dropping out in today’s meeting as well, the audio server shows as up but I get a lot of dropped audio. I did not test enough to discount latency issues due to proximity from servers, or rendering problems causing performance issues .


I gave up with today’s meeting because I also couldn’t hear audio … could hear it stutter to start with while things were downloading but then it cut out altogether. It could be my current ultra-slow Internet connection (5Mbps rate limited downstream; sad but true) or large ping (around 150ms if I recall correctly). And/or it could be related to a problem resulting in low frame rates on my GPU.