Voices so choppy they're illegible


So I’ve noticed that the audio quality of voices in HiFi for me is so low that I’m almost completely unable to hear anything anyone is saying. It’s like someone is grinding the words up in a blender, adding in heaps of static, and then feeding it into my headset.


I was not able to hear anything at the meeting today due to this problem. Am I the only one who’s having this issue?


Hey @Guinevere,

What OS are you on?
We are still experiencing problems with sound on Windows, especially if when on a wifi network.


From which location are you operating?


I had the same problem at the 5/23 meetup… My audio was clipping almost every word…

I tried moving very close to the speaker, disabling all of the spatial audio options, but nothing fixed the choppiness.

Someone at the meetup suggested that a windows CPU performance issue ( 100% busy ) might be responsible. I was unable to verify that my PC was having that issue, but soon thereafter it suffered a hard crash.

I have retested the latest interface build ( 644 ) on the same machine… CPU reports between 25 and 40% load with close to the same set of running programs. Haven’t confirmed it has improved the audio…
I’m using windows 7, 2.5Ghz i7 CPU, 8GB ram, and wired network connections…