Volunteers needed for HiFi collaboration


Hi Everyone,

I’m seeking some volunteers to participate in a storytelling experiment I’ve been working on inside HiFi. A group of us have been rehearsing an interactive experience that is something of a cross between a movie, a play and a game. It’s been a really interesting experience so far and I look forward to sharing more details about it with the HiFi community once we’re done.

Right now, we are in need of someone to be the “audience”, which is a bit of a strange concept because in this experience only 1 person at a time can “watch/participate”. Think of it as a story performed just for you.

The “story” lasts about 10 minutes or so. We have 2 performances planned for Saturday, April 1st at about the 5pm hour EST.

I can’t pay but I can offer a $25 Amazon gift card as a “thank you” to whoever will set aside the time to participate and agree to answer a set of questions about the experience.

If you are interested and available on that date and that time, please PM or email me at: jasonmo@mac.com. Please note you must use a Vive or a Rift with controllers to participate.



EDIT: I’m still looking for volunteers and I’m going to increase the offer to $50 and move/duplicate this post in the “paid” category.


Generally I’d be really interested!
But unfortunately I’m busy on April 1st.
Lot’s of fun and success with this!


Thanks so much for your response. We may run other performances and if we do I’ll reach out to you.


T: 212-991-8344
E: jasonmo@mac.com
W: www.jasonmoore.com


i can voice act a bit…



Thanks for sending this! Funny, that post was from a while ago, but I’m doing Part II this spring and am just starting to look for actors. Voice acting is exactly what I need. Do you have access to a Vive or Rift? Are you already into VR? Tell me a little about yourself and your interest or involvement with VR in general. What about acting - is this a hobby, an interest, just for fun?

Thanks, I’m sure we can work together on the next phase of the project if you want!



rift user…
I’m mostly laid back eclectic in nature…
I’ve done everything from graphics and web design, administration, I live stream on twitch tv were I make Dream Catchers live, I’ve done some sound bites used by Radio stations in NYC and Chicago, did animation for a few YouTubers and more…


Hey Jason!

Nice catching up via email. Would you like to continue your Phase 2 on this thread or start new?


Hey Alph, I’m good with sticking to here for now. So I just got in touch with Adrian and he’s onboard as well, I’m hoping to start building sets ASAP. I want to hear more about what you are doing - do you want to schedule something for tomorrow?

On my end, the big thing I need to work with you on is more “avatar swapping” scripts. The new story has a ton of characters and will utilize 8 actors. Some actors will just stick to 1 avatar for the whole time. But several others - if possible - will swap between multiple avatars. The hope is that with 8 actors I can create about 15 characters. So for example, one actor might play 3 different characters.

There are a few other technical things I want to try to tackle, but this is the main one.

So I think our first step is to figure out if this is possible, and then work out your fee so we can start diving in. And once I learn more about what kinds of stuff your new project is all about, I can see if it will integrate into what I’m doing.


T: 212-991-8344
E: jasonmo@mac.com
W: jasonmoore.com


Very cool. This project is starting up so I’d love to meet with you in Hi Fi sometime soon to talk about the script and find a good part for you! I’m a bit slammed this week but I’ll be in touch. I estimate that we will begin rehearsals in Mid-May.


T: 212-991-8344
E: jasonmo@mac.com
W: jasonmoore.com


We’ve been chatting already via email, Jason.

This is an interesting project, so I’m willing to do anything I can to help move it along.


i’ll be att the maker meeting today


So, what ever happened to the project? I just started the forums today - sorry I missed this…


I’m still going strong - working on a new project right now. If you’re interested in getting involved, let me know!


Just pinging you again. I’m in great need of some volunteers, and I can pay a little in HFC. I need help starting next week, so let me know if you are still interested!


What kind of help do you need on this project?


Ah - that’s during work hours (9-5 EST) will look for events that are after work or on weekends.


Ok, I’m putting you on my list and when we move to a different day/time, I’m going to reach back out. I anticipate that in November as we start our next MetaMovie, we’ll have a different day/time schedule. Thanks for your interest!