Voxel Building checkered floor


A script to create a checkered floor.
Default makes a 20 mr x 20 mtr black and white checkered floor using 1 meter voxels.

The script is scalable so long as you stick to an even number in the size variable.
This is to maintain the alternating flow, otherwise you end up with a striped floor instead (also useful sometimes).

Download link https://gist.github.com/Adrianl3d/1d91dde37c730f5c7337


Chess Board

Extracting an official chess board was slightly more challenging, 8x8 squares with the far right one being white.
I had to add another loop to fill the last line, I made this to be 1 meter by 0.125 thick, could easily be used as a tabletop.

Pic is a bit dodgy because there is the usual couple of dropouts but you get the idea.

download here https://gist.github.com/Adrianl3d/bbd6b38bd051188a29ae