Voxel Building colorPalette Menu


I created a palette of sorts, utilizing the menu script and some gradient formulas.

Running the script produces 2 new menus, a Create, and a Remove .
Under the create there is a selection of color gradients each will produce a bar of about 20 grades of that color (see pic)
The pic is all 7 gradient bars,
reds, greens, blues, greys, red to green, green to blue, and blue to red.

Simply dial up a color ramp and preselect your choice to your UI palette, then remove the palette afterwards.

Get the script from here https://gist.github.com/Adrianl3d/0bf07c446d9415dcc466

How to load new colors from the colorPalette onto your interface…

For the noobs, run editVoxels.js (or defaultScripts)
from the color selector at the bottom choose the second slot (2),
run the colorPalette menu script
now choose the eyedropper tool from the voxel icons on the left of the screen
now left click on any color voxel that you want in your local palette
touching the color voxel will set the slot2 to the chosen color
repeat this for slot3 and slot 4 etc till all your slots have chosen colors.

delete colorPalette menu from the scene.

Colors will not be remembered after restart and will have to be reloaded on each restart.
note, slot1 cannot be reassigned, slot 1 is for duplicating existing voxel colors, for our exercise use only slots 2 to 9.