Voxels? or have they gone the way of bucky balls


Voxels, Yeah remember them?
I do.

I need some kind of official opinion or direction please, it may be because I have been here since there was nothing but voxels, and I cut my teeth on voxel scripts and built the first domain using voxel terrain and voxel buildings, but I now find myself seeming to be the only one using voxels anymore. All the voxels have been removed from Alpha domain.
This does not surprise me because voxels look terrible at the current usable resolution, and have no textures and rez in a weird way from a distance that make a flat surface look ridiculously stepped, and actually have the same voxel build problems that have been there since the start.
Mainly because when I make a voxel floor it is produced with holes, spaces and generally lots of missing bits, and if I rerun the script to fill the holes it takes the script 15 minutes to replace each voxel one by one in a tedious teeth pulling waiting game, and the voxel engine is unworkable during this time, trying to place or remove voxels during this time results in absolute frustration as all the work you just did in the last five minutes suddenly rubberbands back in a kind of nose thumbing nya-nya-nya.

But I use voxels as a floor surface because its the only thing that allows an avatar to walk.

So as soon as metavoxels and or model entities are endowed with collision properties, I will probably stop using voxels as a building tool, mind you if we were to do away with voxels completely then we have just lost millions of minecraft users, but at the same time I have met new alpha users who took one look and said
"hmm a minecraft clone without all the minecraft goodies, seeya"
so there are pitfalls in both directions.

My question is…"Has using voxels as a building and terrain medium been abandoned?"
I am not asking about future ideals of using voxels as structural imposters at low resolutions and at distances.

Now I need to know if I am bashing my head against a brick wall because it feels like voxel development has stopped.

So please somebody put me out of my misery.


The removed already editvoxels.js from the default scripts. If you could texture voxels. or are entity cubes better ? then you can create minecraft style ideas. but it can be done with entitys to.

Still using vioxels on my domain, to have something to stay on. Hovering avatars are annoying and we all do it :wink:


Ok its official…

Voxels are obsolete, thanks @chris for clarifying this.