VR and HMDs early in the market on-ramp


From Parks Associates: “50% of consumers who try a VR (virtual reality) headset enjoy it and make plans to purchase one, while 15% who try one enjoy the experience and then buy a headset.” Note that VR to them is a very wide market encompassing 360 movies to games to virtual worlds, and headgear ranges from phones to high end gear.

Here is another source on that article and some excerpts from the PA whitepaper:



I have never seen a rift or a vive in a shop not even a demo thing with ones to try
thinking about it i never even saw a carboard anywhere.
I think product awareness outside of the bubble is kinda small


Vive or Oculus. not seen. But i spotted the PSVR and some mobile phone stuff in the mediamarkt. PSVR where only boxed. no demo.

Still that’s already progress.


Ive spotted Vive in a couple of stores here in Finland being demoed out to people within the last few weeks.


There was an announcement by a couple of national retailers in Australia that they are stocking the Vive.

Harvey Norman and JB Hifi ( no relation)


FWIW, I saw yesterday that the Microsoft Windows store had Oculus and Vive stocked at the mall next to Stanford University. They were demoing only Oculus, without touch. The line was about 8 deep at the time. Of course, this isn’t very far “outside the bubble”, but it’s something.