VR business model - wwyd?


Most of the people that already come into High Fidelity are some form of creator. Some of us our programmers, others are artists, a few of us could be considered both.

Facebook operates on a free-to-use business model where the users (and more importantly, data that describes them ) is the real product. Frankly, it’s the reason I’ve recently sold my Rift (yeah, CaptainOculus sold his Rift) and I haven’t visited the book of face more than twice in 2017.

I’ve been quietly developing an experience with the Vive and it’s tracking sensor pack that wouldn’t require anyone to login to High Fidelity. You just show up. Anonymous to them. If hifi can deliver on the promise of keeping the HFC Wallet independent of the user login; I have no problems accepting HFC for goods and services when they become available. So now for my question:

Would you be more comfortable with
"…a free experience where I sell YOUR usage data to other companies…“
”…a paid experience where you can remain anonymous…"

You may have noticed I have not created a poll. Just give me your thoughts and feelings about this topic. Thanks!


If it would be sure that none of my data could be linked to my identity (e.g. if you were selling data like the average amount of time users spend in their HMDs and such) I’d be fine with this option.

Otherwise I’d definitely go for


Agree with Xaos that if I can get a guarantee that the usage data is 100% anonymized, it’s fine with me to use a free but tracked experience.

However, I’m also conscious of the fact that a guarantee from a private entity like a corporation is hard to prove. They can always lie and claim it’s anonymous even if it’s not, and we’d have no way of knowing. This isn’t like the government where we can file a FOIA request.

I wonder if it will actually be possible to be truly anonymous in HiFi. The server is open source, isn’t it? Someone could hack up the code and add spyware features (like tracking what server you came from, your country, IP address, any messages you send while in that domain, etc). We’d never know of that either, since it’d be server-sided. It might mean we have to be careful what domains we connect to. I’d never worry about connecting to the official areas, because I trust HiFi, but third parties? Who knows what they’re doing.

All in all though I think a paywall is a bad idea. Unless your experience is absolutely amazing, like a full-fledged MMO. And even those usually have trouble these days staying pay-to-play, most end up going f2p eventually.