VR DAYS EUROPE - October 25th - 27th


I need a vacation, so I’m going to

Who else is all coming?
Wanna meet up? :nerd_face:


Aw, If I knew a few weeks before hand I could have probably taken that friday off and go there. Ohwell.


Highlight of a wonderful event :sparkles: :sunglasses:


Thanks @XaosPrincess for the work to make those videos, and the clear audio!


Wows that demo was really impressive. I love being able to inspect then buy items right off another users back.I love being able to help another user dress. Loving the mirror. The fact it all worked on stage is frankly terrifying.
and yes great video , cool to see it thanks chaos.


Holy cow!!! The people in the audience must have been in awe of what they were seeing.
The HiFi crew really outdid themselves, and proved once again, that they are visionary, and exist in a sphere uninhabited by other virtual worlds. Mirrors and try-ons!!!

btw, who was that handsome man with @thoys ?