VR Design Cautionary Tale


This video is a good run-through of the various games and virtual worlds out there, using a Rift and/or Vive. Apart from reconstituted on-screen to HMD games, which come off rather lame, there are cautionary elements to consider carefuly when creating virtual spaces and vitrual interactions.

Touch/hand controllers are critically important as is making certain your virtual world or VR app integrate them well with the workflow. I agree with the testers that the very next thing needed for room scale VR, given how limited the space can be for most people, is some kind of physical movement compression, although that kind of tech would be quite expensive.


Here is my studio room at home. It has an effective space of 24 x 30 feet. I consider this barely enough for room movement VR. I doubt many people have this much play space, so movement compression gets to be an important issue to resolve. Maybe there will be a temporary jump in yoga and Martial arts space rental for VR gatherings, though that means packing up ones fancy computers and VR gear for VR meets.


Damn you have alot of space.
An interesting game that you totally could utilize would be Unseen Diplomacy.

Anyway, the Video you showed generally is all the negative sides highlighted at bias detail;

Fully however the Giantbomb stream did have alot of good and bad points for both the devices, but they were playing for over 12 hours, just blazing through all the launch titles with only being able to afford 3-4 minutes each. They were also being gloriously trolled on both the Vive and Oculus streams.

I can barely do 30 minutes to an hour at a time without having to take a small breaks, and water breaks to continue. No signs of stopping yet though. This is especially true with Holopoint, and SPT which get ridiculously intense as you make it further and further into the game.


Oh yes, understood it is a distilled negatives vid, but then that is how cautionary tales go. We all need to stay alert to these pitfalls. It can easily happen here although the social aspect may help to lessen the issues. Something to sit down and think about (once we can sit :slight_smile:)


My home theater room would be my designated Vive Cave. There is already 5.1 audio speakers I put hanging from the ceiling, so putting up lighthouses on or around those wouldn’t be that big of a deal breaker. It would be a permanent install; and that has me less on-board with it, but the room itself is roughly 14’ x 19’ with hardwood floors and very little furniture (it doubles as a dance room for 5). Certainly large enough.

cc: @chris - asked about this in Friday’s meetup, I didn’t have time to answer as complete. The size I described to you (7’ x 5’) is the immediate area around my desk in the lab.