VR lazy - need to sit down


A theory of VR adoption roadblocks…

When I get home after a hard days work (or hardly working for the day), I feel tired, lazy, and ready to plop down on the couch for some passive entertainment.

Until VR can safely be consumed in a seated position I think it will have a tough time really taking off. Room scale was great when it was a novelty … moving up from DK1/DK2 sitting significantly, now we could actually explore the environments without getting VRsick with the xbox controller.

Since then the teleport technique has been fairly successful at getting people immersed without the sickness, this also allows for much more accessibility for less-abled folks who could be considered a major market segment for VR.

Now the teleport technique is being recognized as basically a cop-out that reduces peoples enjoyment of the content.

I want to be able to sit down in a comfortable chair (not at a desk in front of a monitor), or even lie on the couch and use VR… I want smooth forward motion with no teleport and no motion sickness. I don’t want to bend down to the ground to pick stuff up from the VR space.

There is a time and place for active room scale certainly, and it avoids the motion sickness for the most part… but this can’t be the defacto standard for VR , it’s too much effort to clear the room, put on all the gear.

For this to be mainstream it has to be couch potato friendly.

my2bits – thoughts?


How do you think I manage 9 hours in HMD? :sunglasses:
By sitting down in my comfortable, back-ache-preventing office chair :wink:

This is also an advantage of HiFi compared to Sansar --> if I move in HiFi while sitting down my avatar is automatically switched to a standing position :dancer:t2: whilst in Sansar I have to observe everything from a frog’s perspective :frog:


You need one these* http://glenalec.net/projects/bed/ , @whyroc :smiley:

A few more weeks and students will be away and the Tech-support will play (AKA: use up some excessive accrued leave). Which means I will have time to finish the bed head, which will include HMD attachment points, as well as a swing-in monitor arm for desktop working!

_* Sorry, not an offer to make you one - that was bloody hard work!! :sweat: :sweat_smile: :joy: :grimacing: :crazy_face:


Hum, I’m already able to do that, don’t you?

Of course, armchair is not a big deal… unless you want to have the “virtual broken wrists avatar syndrome”.

A stool is quite a good option… (Maybe not for 9h.)

For me, VR is definitely an opportunity to not be seated. (I’m seated all days long at works)


Also considering we can also use the “force” to pick up things instead of being forced to reach down and touch the thing :slight_smile:


Wow nine hours of ‘Gorn’ would do anyone in…


Hifi is one of the only games/worlds where fluid motion doesn’t make me sick, that was one of the big reasons why I was first interested in it.

In general I think it will be very hard to get over the physicality of VR, even with great hardware and software improvements, the more physically demanding it becomes the less time people will spend on it. I think this holds true for tech like kinect which never really took off.


I’m convinced you can train this!
300 hours of seated Elite Dangerous did the trick for me - I never get dizzy in VR (with one SocialVR exception starting with S… :wink:).


Sickness might be never completely solved, as the vision and the equilibrum system get inconsistent signal. It’s probably why it’s easier when you are stood. I think we can train this up to a certain limit, but it’s certainly not true for everyone.
I guess this is a bit like for astronauts. :wink: